An ecosystem that empowers ecommerce retailers
Customer Pick Up ExperienceEnhance the shopping journey with a unique, first-of-its-kind checkout. Give your customers an experience they will never forget at pickup.
Powerful Platform & Community
Thriving on community roots we offer targeted sales channels for university audiences and Gen Zs, ensuring laser-focused engagement.
Fully integrated Shopify Plugin
Intentionally designed and crafted for shopify retailers. The Budi shopify experience means merchants can manage orders to fulfillment all in one app.
Transforming the Traditional Retail approach
To the Modern Retailer Outcome
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Eliminate Cart Abandonment to Zero
Gone are the days your customers leave because of pesky shipping fees.Our Logistics channels means every order fulfilled via our platform is eligible for customer free delivery.
Complete Carbon Neutral logistics scheme.
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Rest easy knowing our logistics form warehouse to customer is 100% carbon neutral and even better, carbon positive. With every order via Budi let your customers know its the best way to shop for the planet.
Supercharge sales through the Budi Platform
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As delivery fees hit 0, Your customers and all those soon to be are eagerly awating on our Budi platform. Let your products speak for itself without the shopping barrier
Reduce operational cost upto 80%
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The Budi magic also enables retailers to fulfil orders all whilst saving on merchant logistic costs. By aggregating orders on the app our software ensures your rates are unbeatable.
How we help you
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It all starts with the Budi Platform
The place where your customers create & join sessions, share with mates and celebrate others. The Budi Platform is filled with opportunities for your Gen Z audience to shop with sessions. Every time they join a session, they gain unbeatable Budi perks - free shipping, discounts and more. Session cycles you choose that fits you and your brand best, changeable anytime within your Shopify app.
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The ultimate one stop shop-Shopify App
Life's messy enough, this doesn't have to be. Keep tabs of orders new and old, all only one click away to fulfilment. Change discount amounts, session information here.
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Build with a flight plan for profability
As the platform highlights your brand to its truest form, our app fights just as hard to give you unbeatable rates for fulfilment. Giving a super hand to sales and operations at the same time.
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Sealing it off with an unforgettable Pickup experience
The jobs not done just yet. Our locker system and booths are expertly placed throughout University campus to give your customers the best handoff of their goodies. An end of the cycle ready to repeat again! Because who can resist - Free Shipping, discount and convenient pick up? We know we can't!
Join us today and be a part of our ecosystem
Budi is paving the way as the World’s First Climate-Positive Last Mile Solution
By simply picking up goodies on campus and reaping budi incentives.
We are set to save:
999 950 kg/Co2
Which is equivalent to
103 960 trees
In the next five years
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